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Performance Vest

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  • Each vest utilizes a durable 1" woven elastic to help contour to the shape of your dog's body.
  • The elastic harness is connected with a durable single quick release split buckle.
  • The knit elastic adjustable waist band is held in place by a narrow contoured dual side release military plastic buckle.
  • Each vest comes with three (3) kooling packs included.
  • Our patented kooling vest is a unique one piece design made of high quality SGMA certified Ultra Weight Poly Spandex fabric that is commonly found in professional athlete uniforms.
  • Three internal pockets are secured with Velco brand hook and loop to keep kool packs secure.
  • Kool packs utilize food grade packaging film that allows for repeated heating and kooling.
  • Each vest comes with three (3) kooling packs included.

Meet the world's most advanced pet vest. K9 tested. Vet Approved.


KoolSkinz patented cooling packs keep me cool for up to 2 hours in 90+ degree heat.


KoolSkinz vests are ergonomically designed to fit all shapes and sizes, and our three-way split release buckle allows for easy on and off for any breed.

Proudly born & bred in
Colorado, USA



KoolSkinz vests are designed to be infinitely washable and reusable. 


Did you know I can't sweat? The only way I can cool down is to reduce my core temperature. KoolSkinz is the quickest and easiest way for dogs to stay cool in warm climates. 

As endorsed by:

Emily Frank

Dog Mom

This is the best pet product I've ever used. We live in Scottsdale and usually that means we have to leave the dogs at home in the summer. Not any more. We hike our favorite trail, throw the cooling packs in the river for 20mins and were all ready to hit the trail back home. We will never hike without it again. 

Ken Todd

Trail Runner

Training used to be on my own. Now I can bring along my dog Bingo and not worry that she will overheat on the trail. 

Maria Holmes


I love this thing so much that I wish I could wear it to cool down in an instant.